Dance naked in front of a mirror to lose weight

Erlinda Piza
2 min readJan 4, 2021

New Years Resolution: I’m ready to hit my bathroom’s dance floor

I know, it’s an ugly bathing suit with a nude man stamped motif. Nonetheless it’s my favorite one piece, and as close as I’ll get a guy to hug my naked body these days. (BTW as of now I only use non-stock photos in Medium)

After cancelling my personal trainer for the third morning in a row –and paying another FaceTime workout session that never took place, I had an epiphany. I’ve been setting myself for failure in the #GetFit #Goals because I don’t function like the majority of women period.

The revelation hit me like a meteor truck: if throughout my life I’ve always despised waking up early and undergoing rigorous exercise routines, but have loved to stay up late and to improvising deliriously free dance moves, why am I working out like the rest of the neurotypical population?

That’s how I came up with a sensibly tailored regime to burn fat, get fit and throw myself a party every single night in my own home. The plan mainly encompasses one enjoyable notion: to get fit, I will dance strenuously — not daily but nightly, for an hour, in front my bathroom’s unforgiving full length mirror. I will become my own dance partner, and “together” her/she and I, will incorporate athletic moves, guzzle one liter of tap water and get wild to the tune of great songs and the psychedelic lights of my bluetooth speaker. And afterwards, we will shower, apply full body lotion, and go bed.